The Weapons of Takagi Enterprises.

The Takagi Enterprises T-X100 Bolt Rifle aka 'Bolter' and T-P100 Bolt Pistol were invented by a Japanese-American weapons engineer (Takagi Kagawa or 'Kagawasan'), and produced in limited quantities to fill the roll of a flexible weapon system for a private company army. The standard round is a finned steel rod or 'bolt' with a caseless type charge in the end. The weapon could fire a number of different 'bolts' ranging from a conventional steel projectile to full MDC™ rounds, Including specialty rounds.

T-X100 Bolt Rifle aka 'Bolter'
Range: 600m
Damage: 1d4x10 SDC™ for conventional rounds
Payload: 20 rounds
Cost: 35,000 cr

T-P100 Bolt Pistol
Range: 200m
Damage: 6d6 SDC™ for conventional rounds
Payload: 10
Cost: 25,000 cr

The M.A.S.E.R. (Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emmision of Radiation) style weapon was developed for use as an 'extreme prejudice' style weapon. Due to it's drastically short range the weapon was never adopted by the military, however the weapon's popularity among criminals and mercs. continues to grow.

MX-152 MASER Rifle
Range: 90m
Damage: 1d6x10 MDC™
Payload: 20
Cost: 100,000 cr

MX-151 MASER Pistol
Range: 45m
Damage: 1d4x10 MDC™
Cost: 75,000 cr

The California Arms™ CA-190 was the US replacment for the M-16. This tough and dependable weapon saw service for more than 30 years, until being fazed out in favor of the lighter energy weapons. The weapons are still popular in poor countries and in private uses. The CA-117 is a smaller, faster, belt fed model of the CA-190, it is noted for it's unique triple barrel 'gatling' style mechanism. The CA-12 Auto Pistol is the side arm version. What is especially liked about these weapons is that they all use the same kind of ammunition!

CA-190 .22 Caseless Rifle
Range: 2000 m
Damage: 6d6 MDC™
Payload: 300
Cost: 45,000cr

CA-117 Triple Barrel .22 Machine gun
Range: 1200 m
Damage: 6d6 MDC™
Payload: 100 per belt
Cost: 90,000cr

CA-12 Casless .22 pistol
Range: 200m
Damage: 6d6 MDC™
Payload: 25
Cost: 12,000cr

The NEO-ARMS 'Reflex' Disruptor weapons caught on like a fire in the early 21st century, due to a unique styling that allowed one to use an energy weapon that could also fire a projectile (x2 to damage). Due to the weapons immense power requirements it quickly lost it's fame to other more conventional style energy or kinetic weapons.

NEO-ARMS Reflex Rifle
Range: 100m
Damage: 2d6x10 MDC™
Payload: 10
Cost: 200,000cr

NEO-ARMS Reflex Pistol
Range: 30m
Damage: 1d6x10 MDC™
Payload: 5
Cost: 120,000cr

The Techno-Arms ( a sister company of NEO-ARMS and Takagi Enterprises) 'Sliver gun' and 'Razorback' pistols are early 21st century clandestine style weapons. The 'Sliver gun' fires a .5mm pin while the 'Razorback' fires a small sharp disk. Both weapons have low penetration value but, are extremely quiet and have massive payloads.

Techno-Arms 'Sliver gun'
Range: 200m
Damage: 5d5 SDC™ PV 7
Payload: 300!
Cost: 12,000cr

Techno -Arms 'Razorback' Pistol
Range: 30m
Damage: 4d4 SDC™ PV 3
Payload: 120
Cost: 9,600cr

The Takagi Enterprises 'Dillenger Special' is an adaptation of several designs by a private contractor (J.B.Dillenger) to use surplus .22 caseless (same as the CA-XXX line) ammunition.

Dillenger Special .22 caseless pistol
Range: 1200m +1 to strike (integral laser sight)
Damage: 6d6 MDC™
Payload: 200
Cost: 35,000cr when available

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