Toys by Rukus.

Munchkin Bait starts here!

Magic Rock:
Indestructable, Returning, Flames on command ( flames are illusionary do no extra damage), Create Bread and Milk (6th level), Breath without air (3xday), Anti-magic cloud (3xday).
The rock is Rukus' favorite weapon, mainly due to the fact that it was usually not confiscated at city gates. The rock's user must have a supernatural PS to do any Mega-Damage™.

O.P.D. Ordinance Placement Device
A large rifle type weapon not designed for direct combat, but for placing ordinance (explosives) in strategic locations from a distance.
Range: 2000 ft
Damage: 2d4x10 MDC™
Payload: 20
NOTE: The explosives are self adhesive and can be timed anywhere from 'impact' to 48 hours.

'Plasma Rain' long rang missle
Range: 200 miles
Damage: 3d6x100 MDC™ to everything in a 500ft radius!!
Note: This weapon was designed to burst a a minimum altitude of 100ft and is not usable as an impact weapon.

Cost on these Munchkin Guns are purely a GM's call.

More here later!

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