The Debunkers' Corner.

Lasers and other Strangeness

Many things are qualified and debunked here. If realism is your thing (it is definitely mine) then you should read this and also confirm the thoughts presented here. If you like the fun of a truly "fantasy" game, then the ideas here may not be for you. In any case, feel free to use the knowledge expressed here if it will make your game more fun. I cannot stress enough, however, that if this knowledge interferes with the quality of your gaming, DON'T USE IT!
Some of the things presented here will be shown to work and others will be shown for what they really are. Alternatives will be given if applicable, as well as suggestions on how to circumnavigate these "design flaws". Formulae and diagrams will sometimes be shown, but if not you can E-mail me for more information or to debunk the debunker. GM's if you like realism then do your homework don't take for granted that what fantasy writers say is possible, they are not (often) scientifically inclined.

Below is a table of contents (TOC) of the stuff presented here:

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