Takagi Enterprises INC.

Weapons and Equipment:

The C.O.A.™ aka "Darksuit"

The COA™ was developed by Takagi Enterprises to fill the role of a clandestine operations armor (C.O.A.™) with an emphasis on defeating security. The armor was produced in limited quantities for private corporation use and was never released on the open market. A few suits however have leaked into the cybermarket for you to buy!

The COA™ has the following abilities:

Holo-Projector: Produces a holograhpic 'black cloud' or 'haze' that obscures the wearer's identitiy. It offers the wearer a +20% to prowl at night or in shadows (-20% in open, well lighted places). Optional projectors can be added to offer up to six different disquises (88% disquise skill).

Anti-security systems: A 'vibration damper' electromagnetically disturb the air around the wearer to mask their movement. Vibration and motion sensors are at a loss with only a 15% chance of detecting the suit. This device also keeps the suit quiet (+25% to prowl).
A Thermal cooling system manipulates the surface temperature of the armor to mask it's heat signature giving it a great chance to pass thermal sensors as well with only a 15% chance of detection (the surface temp. is kept as close to the surrounding air temp. as possible).
A remote alarm sensor detects and alerts the wearer that they have triggered an alarm (80% chance).

Optics: The armor's helmet has a micro-camera on the back, giving the user 360 vision (+2 to initiative ans the wearer cannot be suprised), as well as the following sensors;
Thermo-imiaging 2000'
IR-imiaging 2000'
UV-imiaging 2000'
Telescopic sight(10X) 2 miles
Micro-imiaging(25X mag.) 10'
Spotlight 100'

Jet-pack: A whisper silent jet-pack that is linked to the pilot by a universal head jack (for controls).
Max. Altitude 1000' Max. Speed 160 mph

Robot Arm: The armor has a small telescoping arm(3meters) that has a P.S. of 9 (can lift up to 90 lbs). The arm is equiped with a small laser cutting torch (1d6 to 1d6x10 S.D.C.™ in 1d6 increments).

Sensor Hands: The advanced hands of the armor provide the wearer with the following;
Heat Sensor -120 to 1000°F at a range of up to 6 "
Motion Detector 600' ( 50' for objects smaller than a vehicle 200lb min.)
Universal Finger Jack.

Other Sensors of Note: Included are the following; a radiation detector, a radar detector(68%), ECM(68%), amplified hearing and Ultra-ear™ with a sound filtration system. As well there is a mini-radar with a range of 2 miles and a maximum of 12 targets.

Communications: The armor has a built in language translator and a radio with scramblers (200 km range). A full spectrum scanner is built in to monitor common law enforcment, military, and civilian frequencies.

Database: The armor has an on board computer that has the following programs; weapons and explosives (50%), computer operation and hacking (50%, via finger-jack) as well as electrical and mechanical engineering (both at 40%).

Electro-Adhesive Pads: The armor has these in the palms of the hands and the bottoms of the feet, the pads allow the armor to adhere to metal constructions (+15% to climb metal).

Mini-Tool kit: A small but complete tool kit used for defeating security systems, disarming/setting traps, setting explosives, sabotage, etc. The tool kit includes a device which inductively "picks up" and transmits, to the suit, any and all electronic information transmissions (radio, phone, sensors, etc) inside the building (or vehicle), if placed near or on an antenna or security box. The device has a small electro-adheisive pad to aid in this, and has a range of 2 miles.

Armor: M.D.C.™ 45. The suit is fully environmental and has all the normal body armor functions and the folowing; Polarized light adusting lenses and electronic (EMP) shielding.
An optional force-feild with 100 M.D.C.™ can also be installed.

Power: The suit recives it's power from a small nuclear pellet that has a life of about 10 years, even under the most stressful of operating conditions.

Weapons: Scalar Sword. This weapon is the pride of Takagi Enterprises. The weapon is little more than a hilt attached to the suit by a cable that serves both to bring power to the blade and to keep it secure. The hilt projects a "blade" of hard (scalar) energy that slices through most anything that it touches (2d6x10 Mega-Damage™) The armor has an electronics package that turns the saber on/off to keep the suit safe from the weapon.
NOTE: Except for a few suits (6) the scalar sabre will not harm other suits.

Cost: 1 million credits for the basic suit and 3 million cr with all the options.

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