Welcome to the RIFTs section.


This site contains references to magic and the supernatural and my be unsuitable for young viewers. Parental discresion is advised, this page should be considered PG-13.
These pages are dedicated to my favorite thing, the game RIFTS..

It's been some time but I am finally back to the page. As you may be aware of the page is under serious renovation, so watch your step and please excuse the mess. If you find any mistakes, don't hesitate to e-mail me. Thanks for your patience.
Please bear with me as this page is under constant construction. This is all I have now but, come back to here as I promise to add some great stuff for all you Riftersİ. out there.
If you are new to this page click Here for the "Leagaleze" or Here for Palladium's Internet Policy.

Warning! There may be some 'MUNCHKIN' PRONE DATA in these pages. If you are capable of gaming with such material (some are not) then this is fair warning enough. If, however powergaming causes a problem in your group, then if you want problems, feel free to use any 'Munchkin' material presented here.

Look here for more new (all original) equipment and misc. good stuff coming in the near future.
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