HH Martial Arts: Pentjak Silat.

Pentjak Silat is a Malaysian (Balinese I think) martial art similar to Tai-jutsu but with a heavy emphasis on the use of blade weapons.

The following techniques are known at first level:
Maintain Balance, Back Flip, Body Block/Tackle, BodyFlip/Throw, Arm Hold, Leg Hold, Neck Hold, Drop Kick, Knee attack, Elbow strike, Paired Weapons, Disarming, and Auto-parry.

Katas: Knife and Sword
Katas may be substituted one for one, for any of the following:
Staff Kata (Kuntao)
Spear Kata (a favorite weapon is the Parang, similar to the Berdiche)
Tjambuk (a form of honor combat with whips and chains where each combatant takes turns striking at the other, only marks to the face count towards a win)
Choose one dicipline from among Body-Hardening

Starting attacks: 2

Bonuses: +2MA,+1PS, +1PE, +1PP, +4 to speed.

Bonuses per Level:
Level Bonuses:
1 +2attacks, snapkick,Knifehand, +2 to Roll, +2 to Initiative, +1 parry, +2 dodge, +2 pull punch.
2 +1 strike, cartwheel, Pull punch (with bladed weapons)
3 + 1 attack, palm strike, Chi-Gung (body-hardening)
4 leap attack, axe kick, +2 strike on flip and cartwheel
5 tripping leg hooks, backward sweep kick, +2 damage
6 +1 attack, Roundhouse kick, combination grab/slash, Tamashiwara (art of breaking)
7 Critical strike 18-20, critical strike from rear 18-20, death blow on 20
8 +1 to initiative, +1 strike and parry, +1 roll, +1 maintain balance
9 Death blow! (called)
10 +1 attack, +2 pull punch
11 Prisai Saki Silat (kata with combat pincers, see Compendium of Weapons, Armour, and Castlesİ), combination grab/tear
12 +1 Initiative, +2 roll
13 +2 damage, +1 disarm
14 Jump kick, +2 to flip and cartwheel, +2 damage
15 + 1 attack

Why study Pentjak Silat?

It is among the most offensive and 'dirty' martial arts available. This form is into heavy damage and in rude ways. Some unique weapon styles can also be found here. However, Pentjak Silat has almost no defensive manuvers and while several opponants could be man-handled, the cost to the Pentjak Silat artist could be high.

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