Martial Broadswording.

Martial Broadswording


1. Coupe De’ Grace: Does Damage direct to hit points ( may only be used after a critical).

2. Draw/Slash (combo): May draw a weapon and attack as though it were one action.

3. Pommel (Hilt) Hammer: (2-Handed) Does +1d10 damage, Automatically bypasses A.R., does a critical strike on a 18-29.

4. Feint: Opponent loses initiative and 1st attack (mat be used as the first attack only).

5. Spear-Thrust: (2-handed) +3 to a called shot, Critical strike on a 18-20.

6. Cleave: (2-Handed) X3 to damage. Uses 2 attacks.

7. Grab/Slash (Combo): (2-Handed) Automatic critical strike.

8. Riposte: (Parry/Strike Combo): Use only the strike roll. May only be used once per opponent, per round.

9. Disarm: Causes opponent to lose weapon. Use the parry bonus.

10. Break: Critical strike (X2 damage) to the weapon of the opponent.

11. Butt Strike: Knock-out on 18-20.

12. Quillion Grapple: (2-Handed) Hold. All subsequent attacks on the same opponent are automatically criticals. Only simple attacks , I.e. “butt-strike” or Coupe De’ Grace may be used on the “held” opponent. All “one-handed” attacks may be used on other targets.



1. Knights may use all twelve maneuvers.

2. Anti-Paladin may not use #’s 1.

3. Paladins may not use #’s 2,4,9.

4. C(h)avaliers may not use use #’s 4,9,11.

5. (1-handed) weapons can be used for #’s 1,2,4,7,8,9,10,11.

6. (2-Handed) weapons can only be used for #’s 1,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,11,12.

7. (1 ˝ -Handed) can be used with all.

8. “Weightless” weapons cannot be used with #’s 6,10.

9. “Insubstantial” weapons cannot be used with #’s 3,5,11,12.

10. Knights (all classes) get 2 “Martial Broadswording” techniques per level, starting at 4th level. Unless the character has an HH Martial Arts already. In which case the player can spend 3 skills to accuire the technique.

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