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Please bear with me as this page is under constant construction. This is all I have now but, come back to here as I promise to add some great stuff for all you "ORKish" Gamers out there.

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First let me start off by telling you that Palladium Books®, Inc. are the people that make all of this possible. They are very generous by letting you and I create and display thoughts related to their game on the net. Please by all means make every effort not to step on the toes of these fine people. Palladium Books®, Inc. has given us RIFTS® for next to nothing. The 20$ cost of a book from them is barely enough to pay for the printing, much less the thousands of hours of sweat, pain, and love gone into everyone of their creations. So in short, Don’t steal from them!

Now the Leagaleze

RIFTS®, Palladium Books®, Mechanoids®, and Megaverse®, are Registered trademarks owned and licensed by Kevin Siembieda and Palladium Books®.
Beyond the Supernatural™, Bio-Wizardry™, Coalition States™, Cyber Knight™, Diabolist™, Dragonwright™, Emperor Prosek™, Erin Tarn™, Gene-Splicers™, Glitter Boy™, Heros Unlimited™, Jucier™, Kittani™, Ley Line Walker™, Mind Mage™, M.D.C™, Mega-Damage™, Naruni Enterprises™, NGR™, P.P.E.™, S.D.C.™, SAMAS™, Summoner™, Techno-Wizard™, and Triax™, as well as many other names and titles found in the works of Palladium Books®,Inc. are trademarks owned and licensed by Kevin Siembieda and Palladium Books®,Inc.

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