Freeman Anonymous.

WARNING! High Munchkin Potential: 'Role-players' be advised

'Sky Writer' mini-missle
What more can I say, a mini-missle that you can program in a message to be written in the clouds. Used mainly for propaganda (anti CS™). 50 characters maximum.

A calculator sized computer with a simple user interface (no skill required to use it) that was designed to take the rigors of life on RIFTS® earth. The Compu-Card was intended to be used to teach literacy to the CS™ general population. The device has all the functions of a larger computer as well as a slot to insert one of many cartridges. The built in (extra) functions include; Literacy:American and CS™ propaganda.
Other Cartridges include:
Wilderness Survival card: 88%
Propaganda II (anti CS™)
Radio card: 10 mile range
GPS with navigator: Navigation at 64%
CS™ 'cred-stick' encryptor card (highly illegal!): changes balance on CS™ style 'cred-sticks'(may not be usable in some campaigns)

EMP mini-missle
Range: 2 miles
Effect: Will knock out electronics in a 30ft blast radius with a 88% chance. Hardned electronics have a 20-80% bonus. The effects will last 2d6 minutes then the machine can be turned back on. There is a 20% of permanent damage (GM's candy!).

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