CQB or Closed-Quarters combat (considered a martial arts), Is a tactical form of combat emphasizing quick take downs, expediant B&E (breaking and entering) and weapon improvization with just a touch of presure points thrown in for prisoner/combatant control. HH:CQB is what you use to give you the advantage in tight quarters such as inside buildings, sea-going vessels and starships. Here is just one Z's interpitation.

Starting attacks: 2

Bonuses: +2MA, +2PP, +1Initiative, +6 Speed.

The following techniques are known at first level.
Maintain balance, Arm-hold, Disarm, Auto-parry, Auto-dodge

The following weapons should be treated as if they were in kata, although they are not really kata's, the use of the HH manuvers along with these weapons is allowed.

Baton, Pistol, Rifle, Dagger, Flashlight, Shotgun, Hooligan tool or crowbar and paired pistol/flashlight and Kubotan.

Bonuses per level:

1. +2 Attacks, +2 Roll, +2 Dodge, Use any small object as a thrown weapon.
2. +2 Strike, +1 Disarm, +6 Damage
3. +1 Attack, +1 Initiative Use suitable blunt object as weapon
4. Blunt strike with Pistol/Butt-stroke with rifle (1d6 damage)
5. Body Hold, Pin/Incapacitate
6. +1 Attack, Knock-out/Stun 18-20 (Pressure point)
7. Critical Strike (Called!, also Pressure point), use suitable flexible object as weapon
8. +1 Initiative, +1 Roll, +1 Dodge, +2 Parry
9. Knock-out/Stun (Called, pressure point)
10. +1 Attack, Blind-Fighting (fighting without negatives when you cannot see such as in smoke/gas, darkness, while blinded, etc)
11. +4 Speed, Arm lock
12. Combo Wrist lock/Disarm
13. +2 Damage, +1 Disarm, +1 Initiative
14. +2 Roll, +2 Dodge, +1 Parry
15. +1 Attack, Shoot wild without penalty!

Why learn CQB?

Well, for realism! It is taught to many military personel and law enforcement. If your character wants an efective combat that can be used where combat mostly takes place (up close and personal) then you want CQB. It's emphasis on quick take down and good defense make it a well rounded HH form. With all it has to offer, give your next military/law enforcement character CQB.

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