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It is exctreamely difficult to create a club or other organization with exhisting templates, so i will provide the basic idea and GM's the rest is up to you.

Something stolen? You need it back? Call the Finders.

The 'Finders' are and orginazation built around a simple idea; you lost it, we'll find it. This actually extends to stolen items, and gambling (and other) debts owed , as well as many others. For a 'small' fee or percentage of what is to be recovered (15%-75% depending on the difficulty) the 'Finders' will put their resouces to work. The 'Finders' are not unlike the mafia in thier tactics and will not hesitate to break laws (just cost more). The 'Finders have at thier disposal, nearly as much as a small planet (they do Megaversal™ work). In addition to these services the 'Finders' aslo sell "insurance". Insurance against theft, and damage, but among thier most coveted (and costley) insurance against any crimes that you may commit!! This insurance come in two distinct ways and both may be purchased. 1. Insurance covering crimes against the 'Finders' or thier bounties against you, meaning insted of them killing, tortureing, stealing from, you any contracted items/information, you pay a fee an they reimburse the contractor as opposed to "take it out of your hide". 2. insurance that protects you if you commit a crime! The 'Finders' will send lawers (where applicable) or professional "break-out" men to remove you from the clutches of the local law. NOTE: NO coverage extends to Monro-tet or other non-CCW™ worlds and space.

Rembrant: A super exclusive club of the Megaverses'® most notable collectors of rare objects.

By far not a club that just any one can join! Any and all members must be 'collectors', those who seek out Megaversaly™ rare objects and covet them. Very often members start holy wars on young worlds by stealing a religous artifact, causing the people to destroy each other!! In 'Rembrant' your rank is determined by how much you own, in Credits and the number of priceless objects in your personal collection. Members are allowed to steal from other members, just abslutely NOT at club functions! NO member to member crime is tolerated at club functions, if anyone is caught doing so they are put to death!! Outsiders are NOT allowed into club functions. The club meets every month at a different location. Such meetings are "pot-luck" in that all members attending are asked to bring a gift for the host, the value of the gift will help determine your current ranking at the meeting. 'Rembrant' has no real extra-curricular activities, the club exhist for it's members to have an elitist organization in which to call there own and compete with other collectors, but together the members have quite a lot at their disposal should interests be threatened!

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